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Cooking on a small boat

Cooking on a small boat For over 10 years, we had a Larson 220 Cabrio cuddy cabin power boat (Paco2).  The cooking facilities were somewhat limited, but we learnt how to work with what we had.  A BBQ, butane stove, fixed alcohol stove, cooler and a 5 gallon water tank - that was it! We cooked some great meals on that boat! Sheppard's pie, muffins, and crepes where just some of the non typical foods we prepared and enjoyed during our trips. I will be keeping track of my hits and misses as we travel longer and further by boat this time. I'm sure I'll be applying what we learnt on Paco2, and improve on it.  I've already started collecting recipes that I think will be appropriate, and I can't wait to try them. Until next time, Tina

Trial and Errors - finding the right format

Trial and Errors - finding the right format Blogging is new for us.  We are typically very private people and keep any drama to ourselves.  We do however love to share positive stories about places we've been and adventures we've had. It will be interesting to find the right balance of information to post and write about.  The object will be to inform, entertain and not bore the reader. Blogging seems like a good venue for us to keep in touch as not all our friends and family have Facebook or Instagram accounts, this should be an easy way for them to follow along with us as we prepare, plan and set off on this crazy adventure that will likely take us a couple of years - then who knows what our next adventure will be! We are going to be using the Blogger platform to host our blog.  There are many different templates to choose from and I am having fun trying out and seeing what format I like best.  The nice thing about Blogger that I can change the format at anytime - thus

Going to the Boat Show

This winter seems longer than most, so we are really looking forward to going to the Toronto Boat Show this weekend.  We're hoping to find a few things and attend a few seminars, all with the objective to make our pending trip more comfortable and safe, and to get a bit of a taste of summer. Looks like we're going on a little road trip to Toronto.

First Post!

This is the first post of our new blog.  Can't wait to see where this new adventure will take us. We are currently in the planning stages to do the America's Great Loop by boat.  What a trip that will be aboard our new to us (since Aug 2017) 77 Coronet Seafarer! Join us as we blog and share with you what we discover along the way.