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Chesapeake Bay - White Stone VA to Delaware City DE (C&D Canal)

Chesapeake Bay! Day 2 We are now boating in the Chesapeake Bay. It's something we have been looking forward to and something we have been very apprehensive to travel.  We've been told and have read that the Chesapeake can turn on you in the blink of an eye. Yikes... ready or not, we were off to our first destination. Chesapeake Bay, day 1 Windmill Point Marina , located at White Stone VA. was an unexpected treat to us after a perfect cruising day on flat seas. Yes, you read that right, we had the best possible conditions to take on Chesapeake "that" day. The only thing that troubled our day - the inverter wasn't kicking in... so I could not charge my IPad or phone on while we were cruising. Annoying, because I use my IPad as our backup charts (Aquamaps)... and I use my cell phone to share our location on NEBO and FindShip/BoatBeacon. So both devises were more or less out of service for that stretch of the trip. (Good thing the weather was awesome and we

Southport NC to Porthsmouth VA (via the Dismal Swamp)

We left Osprey as soon as we could, after fueling up and another pump out. Our destination to Southport Marina NC, was 103.8 KMs (64.50 miles) away and we wanted to get there in time to attend the briefing hosted by the marina for those heading North, that would take place at 6 pm. We made it with time to spare, even though we did have to wait for two bridges (LOL). The briefing provided by Hank was worth attending. He talked about the weather and what/where we should be cautious. (Hazards, tides, winds, the "Cuts" and the 'Sounds'). We left the briefing with a good handout and great info. With everything discussed, we went back to the boat and double checked our plans/stops from there to Norfolk. Considering the info we had, we decided, that since we can go fast, we would try to make it to the Morehead City Yacht Basin , another long day of 170.9 KMs (106.19 miles) in mostly protected waters in the AICW. We left early and arrived late afterno