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Why Migrating Loons as our blog name?

Migrating Loons Picking a blog name was almost as difficult as choosing a name for our new to us boat. Almost, but not quite as hard.  Since we'd already decided on our boat name, we wanted a blog name to reflect it.  Most of our content for the next couple years will mostly be of our travels by boat.  WWW.MIGRATINGLOONS.COM Migrating - It is very easy to see where that comes from.  In Canada, (I am sure I am not about to reveal anything new to you,) our winters are long and cold! Many Canadians, dream of our beautiful long summer days, and wish we could skip right over winter. (Note: That doesn't apply to everyone, we have awesome weather for winter sports: skating, snowshoeing, skying, sledding, etc.) The idea of migrating somewhere warm in the winter and returning home during the nicer seasons is alluring! We are going to be snowbirds going by a different name.   Loons - Loons are a Canadian symbol and icon. And even though we're not crazy about the cold

(FR) Résumé - Janvier 2018

Janvier 2018 – un mois de grosses décisions!  Pendant le temps des fêtes on s’est assis et on a mis les cartes sur la table. Le GROS sujet ? Pouvons-nous "vraiment" faire le America's Great Loop dans le bateau que nous avons acheté l’été dernière? Est-ce que maintenant, cette année, un bon temps pour le commencer? Quoi faire de nos emplois ? Nos pensions des forces vont-elles suffire pour les dépenses de notre maison et du voyage? Etc.... La réponse, vous l’avez deviné, est Oui! Sommes-nous excités? Bien sûr nous le sommes. Avons-nous des craintes? Un peu – nous ne faisons pas ceci a l’aveugle . On est conscient qu’il aura des défis, mais on sait que nous pourrons trouver des solutions pour la plupart des problèmes que nous pouvons faire face. Au besoin, nous ajusterons nos plans s’il le faut. Cela nous a chacun fait un pincement quand on a donné nos lettres de résignation. On avait tout deux des projets intéressants qui s’en venait. Mais on en avait discuté

Recap - January 2018

January 2018 - a month of big decisions! During our Christmas and New Year vacation, we sat down and put all the cards on the table. The BIG topic? Can we "really" do America's Great Loop in the boat we just bought? Is now, this year, a good time to start it? What will we do about our jobs? Will our CAF pensions cover expenses for our home and the trip? Etc.... The short answer to all those questions, as you've guessed, is Yes! Are we excited? You bet we are. Are we nervous or scared? a bit - we are not doing this with blinders on. We know there will be challenges, but we know that we can find solutions to most problems that we'll encounter. If we need to readjust our plans, we will. It was bitter sweet to hand in our resignation letters, as both of us have jobs we enjoy and both of us had upcoming projects that we would have loved to put our hands into.  But as we had discussed when we took our decision, we will have other opportunities later on (and worst