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June Surprises

June has been a month of s urprises! Ready to launch You know what they say about plans, even the best laid out ones, something is bound to change them.   We had planned on being in the water for mid-May, however we only got put in the evening of the 8th of June.   That has created a sense of having to rush through the preparations we wanted/needed to do once we were in water.   Flushing our potable water system and cleaning it, testing our sanitary system (the head), actually going out and maneuvering the boat (then checking the engine levels…).    As of today, we have been out twice to test and run the engines.   We thought, everything was in order. However, we noticed we had a bit of water in the hull, even after we cleaned it and used a shop vac to dry it out.   Upon closer inspection, we realized  we have a trickle of water coming from both engines on the rear transom.   We are so discouraged… They now have to haul out the boat again to fix the issue – a water in

When boat projects rule everything

Boat projects are almost a constant when you own a boat. (Cabin) Cabin photo Owning an older boat mostly built out of wood (instead of gelcoat) means we can do a fair bit of the work ourselves.  We made sure we had the proper tools and I think it made all the difference in the results.  Mind you, we are not professionals, but we are very happy with the end results so far. Because of our planned extended trip, we've decided to action and do most of our projects sooner, rather than later. Here a few of the cabin/inside projects. The Galley: One of the projects that I wanted us to do was change/fix the counter top in the galley.  I naively thought it would be easy to address this - boy, was I wrong.  To remove the counter top, Papi ended up removing/gutting pretty much the whole galley.  All that was left standing after were the divider panels (they are held in place with fiberglass to the side of the hull).  With the counter top removed, we now had a clean slate to work