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(FR) Résumé - mars 2018

Notre dernière semaine au travail (9 à 5) Nous sommes déjà à notre dernière semaine   de travail à nos emplois respectifs. Nous ne pouvons pas croire à quelle vitesse le temps a passé depuis janvier, quand nous avons remis nos résignations. Nous sommes chanceux car nous avons des employeurs remarquables qui ont compris nos nouvelles objective et ont continué à nous supporter. Nous avons beaucoup de chance et nous le savons. Le directeur de Papi (son patron) a organisé un souper d'adieu pour lui la semaine dernière. Papi était vraiment touché et content, mais surtout très humble par la présence et les paroles des invités. Moi aussi j'aurai un diner cette semaine pour mon départ. Il sera sans doute différent   - nous devrons tous retourner au travail après. 😊  Nous étions censés commencer notre formation de   mécanique et maintenance marine la semaine dernière. Cependant, nous avons reçu un courriel disant il était reporté d’une semaine en raison d'un incident à l&#

Recap - March 2018

Our Last Week of Work (9 to 5) We are already at our last week of work at our current employments/jobs. We can't believe how fast time has gone by since January, when we handed in our resignations. We are very fortunate that both of us have outstanding employers who understood what we want to do and have and continue to support us.  We are very lucky and we know it. Papi's director (boss) organized a farewell supper for him and invited a few key people. Papi was really touched and pleased, and also very humbled by their presence and kind words.  I'll be having a luncheon this week to send me off as well. It will be different no doubt - as we will all head back to work after. 😊 We were supposed to start our marine mechanical and maintenance course last week. However, we received an email saying it was postponed by one week due to an incident at the school.  We are looking forward to following/taking this course - I am sure we will learn a few things that we can use an

Recap - February 2018

Recap - February 2018  The month of February saw us doing a bit less than the previous month due to work commitments, but we still succeeded in doing a few things. We created a Twitter and Instagram account. To summarize our social media status, we now have a blog, a facebook page, a twitter and Instagram, plus my pinterest account - that's crazy! I don't know yet to what extent we will use all of them, time will tell. The Montreal Boat Show was 1-4 Feb, and we decided last minute to do a quick day trip to go check it out. Our finds of the day: USB lighter, dinghy, motor, Park Canada Canal Lock and Mooring pass. We ordered a new name sign for the boat, and we picked it up.  Wow, it really looks nice! New Boat name sign - Sea Loons We had researched and decided on the make and model for our dinghy and motor, but we actually saw and ordered them (at the Montreal Boat Show).  Our choices:  Liberty - Invicta A270 rigid aluminum hull dinghy and a 6 HP Mercury outboar