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Kingston NY to St. Jean sur Richelieu QC

Even after all this time, we're still loving this boating adventure (and each other). Traveling from Croton on Hudson to Kingston NY. The Hudson River is impressive, especially now that there is no haze or fog! And the views of West Point from the water - wow!!!    Kingston is another nice small town we got to visit. We docked our boat at Ole Savannah - Southern Table and Bar , when you eat a meal at their restaurant, you can stay free overnight. So we enjoyed a great meal and got to visit the town.    From Kingston, we continued on along the Hudson to New Baltimore NY.  Donovan's Shady Harbor Marina , is an AGLCA sponsor, and if you pay for two days, you get a third free (if you are a Looper). A great marina with courtesy car, pool, laundry, showers. It ended up being a good place to be when you have a migraine. I was in denial (it's been years since my last one) - and didn't recognize or admit I had the signs - so I wa

Cape May DE (NJICW) to Croton on Hudson NY - UPDATED

Updated!!! with photos We tried to get to Cape May last Saturday, but we turned around after one hour, when we started getting three foot seas (three foot waves, three seconds apart). The conditions were getting worst, and when we texted fellow Loopers who had left earlier and were ahead of us, they described even worse conditions. It's the first time we've ever headed back after going so far, but it was a wise decision. The conditions were better Sunday when we left. A bit of haze that the sun cleared away and flat seas made for a great day to travel and get to Cape May NJ. We saw a whale in Delaware Bay! Right off our port side. We were not expecting anything like that and did not have the phone or camera ready to take a picture. It was an OMG moment!  The dolphins we saw at the entrance of the canal didn't impress us nearly as much as that! We spent two days at the Canyon Club Resort Marina  and got to spend some time at their pool. A very welcom