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Lake Michigan - A new boating experience for us!

Lake freighter ship in the distance 4 Sept -We left Sault Ste Marie - the Canadian side - to cross over to Sault Ste Marie on the Michigan side and prepared to clear customs with the CBP (who we called before leaving the dock in Ont.). We knew our cruising license letter was ready, but we had no idea what to expect regarding the whole clearing into the States by boat would be. I don't know if we were lucky or if it's always like this, but it was a good experience. When they arrived at our dock, we invited them on board, gave them our passports, they gave us the cruising license and asked us if we had any fire arms (we advised them we had our flare gun as required safety equipment) and if we had any unauthorized fruit or veggies. Turns out, they had to confiscate our tomato and green pepper! Not a big deal - we joked that they just want us to go grocery shopping when we cross over.  The two agents were very nice and answered many of our questions regarding the reporting obli

Getting ready to leave Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Exploring Thessalon with the marina courtesy bikes 27 Aug - We explored a bit of Thessalon before we left after lunch. Thessalon is a cute little town, but unfortunately, like a lot of the small towns, there are signs that the economy is not doing so well. There where a lot of closed up business's and buildings. It's sad to see, but hopefully, the efforts that these communities are putting forward to encourage tourism will pay off.  Things like free courtesy bikes at the marina are sure to encourage repeat visits. Thessalon Marina Grey skies as we left Thessalon We left under grey skies and made our way to Richards Landing, another nice town.  The restaurant at the marina was recommenced by a couple people so we decided to try it out. We were not disappointed, so if you are ever there, we second the recommendations for La Terrazza Franzisi. Great food, great service and awesome location. A few photos from Thessalon to Richards Landing At Richards L