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Our thoughts now that we're Gold Loopers and are back home

Well, we're back home,  and we are now suffering from "Boat Withdrawal". It's a temporary thing - we know that 😉 so, we are getting over it and adapting to our new "normal".  Getting back into our "dirt home" routine has been a bit of an eye opener for us. We're missing our "outdoor" time much more than anticipated - on the boat, we were outside or in the cockpit about 80% of the time. We're also realizing that we can slow down our pace now... we don't need to research-plan-prepare for tomorrow (have a plan A,B,C in case the weather or something else changed our travel conditions). It's taken us about two weeks to "mellow" down some. The urge to go somewhere - do something had both of us a bit on edge, sitting down and listening to the news, relaxing and just chilling was... well, kind of weird - the urgency to get something or everything done "now" is missing. SeaLoons - nice and secure!

Rideau Ferry, ON - crossing our wake!

Sea Loons "America's Great Loop" (11 July 2018 - 27 July 2019) It's hard to put into words what is going through our head right now. Doing the "Great Loop" was a dream of ours for years! Now... it's a "done deal", we've actually finished what we set out to do and crossed our wake! We know we are very fortunate to have done this at our age (mid to late forties)! We planned and discussed the "Loop" for years. We worked and sacrificed so that when the time was right, we would be ready. We sold our house, found our "loop boat", bought our condo, sold our previous boat and had awesome employers that supported us and let us go (with the knowledge we have jobs to go back to). I am simplifying it, but those were all very big steps for us. During our Loop, we met and became friends with so many great people! We saw amazing places and areas, both in Canada and in the U.S. - we really enjoyed learning about the

Gatineau, QC to Smiths Falls, ON

Fountain at Lac Leamy Casino We left Marina LeBlanc with the intention of going right to the locks, but seeing as we are now "really" taking our time, we decided to call the Casino at Lac Leamy to see if they had room. As luck would have it, they had lots of room! It's 50$ to stay at their marina, but for that cost, they give you a 50$ voucher for any restaurant in the casino, electricity, water and free ice at the dock. We thought that was a really good deal!    The next morning we made it to the Ottawa locks, went up and we were lucky enough to have a spot with power.      We stayed three nights there, on the second day Looper friends that we hadn't seen since we parted ways in Demopolis Alabama caught up with us! We had fun sharing and showing them a bit of the Ottawa (with the help of friends who still live here in the area). There were special events on the Parliament Hill that they got to experience. On the third night we