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Lock 34, the highlight this week

Sea Loons at the Lakefield lock before we left

30 July - We left Lakefield Lock and made it to Buckhorn Yacht Harbour Ltd Marina, just after the Buckhorn lock 31, where we visited the Afganistan Memorial wall for our lost troops. It was a somber moment for us as we reflected on the cost of that conflict (and what we are still paying today). 

While we were at the marina we finished the other panel for the cockpit, and best of all, we got our spare parts and the tools to be able to change our props ourselves if required! The service section there was great! They ordered what they didn't have in stock and made sure we had it the next day. Peter, even took the time to go into details and help Papi be better equipped to do some of our maintenance himself. We are glad we decided to spend two days there.

Wonder what kind of engine that ponton has...

Until we get the new SD card for our GPS, we are doing it the old fashion way with charts and compass.

This is likely the most photographed chapel on the Trent Severn Waterway

You need to stay in the marked chanel

We are happy to have a relatively narrow boat

Buckhorn memorial wall

1 Aug - Had a good ride to Bobcaygeon (lock 32) where we spent another two days (can you tell we are taking our time?) They have shore power at the bottom of the locks and we were lucky to get a spot. Papi had a little "whoops" moment when he dropped the plug adapter for the boat shore power to the generator over board. We tried to find a replacement one in town but we had no luck.

Too cute!

The "AGLCA Harbour Host" came by and introduced themselves to us. Nice couple who have a clothing store in Fenelon Falls. They gave us coupons for a couple local food places, but we only took advantage of the free ice cream from Kawartha Dairy. It was great ice cream and we really enjoyed in the heat we are having.  While we were at the Ice cream place, we browsed (of course!) and bought maple cheddar cheese! It is soooo good!! Melted on a BBQ burger with bacon & tomato - it made a good supper great. (sorry no picture)

3 Aug - We just moved up by one lock to Fenelon Falls (lock 34). I have to say, this was a great stop for us. They have power and water, we got to go cool off and go swimming at the beach (just a very short walk away), we found the replacement plug adapter, went to Tim Horton's for "iced capps", got our AGLCA/Fenelon Falls T-shirt (Papi) and hoody (for me), and visited a camp for the re-enactment of the 1812 war on the island right next to the lock. It was a busy place, but we enjoyed the activities that were there. We really need to start remembering to bring our cameras with us when we leave the boat. There were alot of missed photo opportunities.

Here are a few photos of our time at Fenelon Falls:

The beach

Cooling off at the beach

5 Aug - Today, we made it to Bolsover, Lock 37. Tomorrow we plan on crossing Lake Simcoe, weather permitting and stopping in Orillia. This lock is in a rural area, and there are only four boats here tonight. But after all the hustle and bustle of Bobcageon and Fenelon Falls, we are enjoying our time here. We inflated our cheap floating air mattresses and spent a good part of the evening in the water. Prior to that, Papi had spotted a "french fries place" when we boated by earlier and decided he wanted fries for supper, so off he went on his bike. He came back peddling really fast! I saw that he was carrying something (the poutine) and wondered what the rush was... (after all, it was just fries) He was pretty pleased with himself - he managed to get back fast enough, that the "homemade" ice cream sandwich that he got, didn't have time to melt yet! It was a really nice surprise, so of course we had to eat the ice cream sandwich first, then the poutine.


Sunset at Bolsover lock

Tina & Papi

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" 

– Charles Schultz


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