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Savannah GA to Myrtle Beach SC

We're happy to see that most marinas we've been to lately have floating docks. But we've noticed a new trend... gangways! Long slips where you have to "parallel park" your boat. We've been lucky so far, we've been able to squeeze into our slips no issues... makes us happy with our narrow beam.

Papi was able to slide right to the front!

We stayed in Savannah at the Isle of Hope Marina, a great stop after our travel day from Jekyll Island, which was 93 miles (150.4 kms), a long day for us, even if there are stretches we can "go fast", there are a lot of "no wake" areas. We arrived late afternoon, explored a bit as the next day a really bad system was coming by and we had no intentions of getting caught out in it. We had a good time visiting Savannah, but as we've said before - we'll need to come back. There was just too much to see and too little time to do it. But we did pack in as many sights as possible. The trees here are something else!

Wormslow Plantation:

In Town - Savannah:



Moved on to Downtown Marina of Beaufort, South Carolina, where we stayed on a mooring ball for two nights. They had a dinghy dock at the marina that we had access to, along with showers, laundry, courtesy car (which we didn't use). We found that this town reminded us a lot of Merrickville and Westport (two towns along the Rideau Canal in Canada). The day we arrived, there was an "air show" going on in the area, we got to see the "Blue Angels" flying in formations. Very Cool!





We didn't stop in Charleston itself, but found a slip at St John's Yacht Harbor. We highly recommended this place. WOW, it has a pool, courtesy car (with no check engine light on) 1$ laundry machines and outstanding washrooms! We borrowed the car to go re provision and take a quick peek into Charleston (just over the bridge) and took advantage of the pool!


 The marina


We're glad we rested up when we were at St John's Island. We decided to skip the normal recommended stop in Georgetown SC and went all the way to Myrtle Beach, Osprey Marina. It was a long 102 miles (162.1 kms) boat trip in beautiful, narrow, at times shallow, waters. 

We reserved our spot for one week, the rates where great, and it's a safe place off the AICW to leave our boat for a couple days to go on a short (two days) road trip. Plus, we'd heard there is lots to see around around Myrtle Beach! We rented another car - I have to say, we've been having excellent service from Enterprise. They came to pick us up and brought us back to the marina when we returned the car.

At the marina we were surprised to see how curious the turtles are... they swim right up to the boat (we think they are used to being feed). And there are goats at Osprey Marina too.


Broadway Park in Myrtle Beach, we're not sure what's going on with all the "frogs" we're seeing lately.


Warbird Park - we just happened to drive by it and decided to stop.


Our week at the marina in Myrtle Beach was broken up by our road trip to Norfolk. Where our good friends on Bella Blue crossed their wake. Exactly one year to the day! It's also where we met them one year ago! It's crazy to think of everything we have experienced in one year.  If we think about, just what we did with Bella Blue (and others who shared these experiences at different times too), we realize what a long way we've all come. (Winds, floods, debries and good times at Mackinaw Island, Charlevoix, Chicago, Mississipi River, Stuart, Titusville...)

Crew of MV Bella Blue
We were also really happy to see that "future" Loopers "in planning" Jacques and Karen where attending the AGLCA Spring Rendez-Vous. It was great having breakfast with them before the Rendez-Vous started, we're looking forward to seeing them again. I am sure we'll all have lots to share - they are planning on leaving 15 Jun 2019 from the same marina as we did!

Once back in Myrtle Beach, we took a couple days to do maintenance on the boat, but we did take some time out for fun too (while we still had the rental car).

Yes! We went mini golfing - and had a blast. (I got 3 hole in one's! But Papi still had a better over all score then me.)


We also took the time to go to the beach at the "Boardwalk"

We are well rested, the boat is clean, maintenance is done, laundry is done. All that's left is to gas up and get a pump out tomorrow morning and we will be on our way again.

Tina & Papi

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" 

– Charles Schultz