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Recap - February 2018

Recap - February 2018 

The month of February saw us doing a bit less than the previous month due to work commitments, but we still succeeded in doing a few things.

We created a Twitter and Instagram account. To summarize our social media status, we now have a blog, a facebook page, a twitter and Instagram, plus my pinterest account - that's crazy! I don't know yet to what extent we will use all of them, time will tell.

The Montreal Boat Show was 1-4 Feb, and we decided last minute to do a quick day trip to go check it out. Our finds of the day: USB lighter, dinghy, motor, Park Canada Canal Lock and Mooring pass.

We ordered a new name sign for the boat, and we picked it up.  Wow, it really looks nice!

New Boat name sign - Sea Loons
We had researched and decided on the make and model for our dinghy and motor, but we actually saw and ordered them (at the Montreal Boat Show).  Our choices:  Liberty - Invicta A270 rigid aluminum hull dinghy and a 6 HP Mercury outboard engine.  We will be sharing our thoughts on our dinghy kit once we get a chance to use them a bit.

The Ottawa Boat Show, 22-25 Feb 2018, every year we ask ourselves if we should go.  Every year we go and are super disappointed.  Compared to the Toronto and Montreal Boat Shows, the Ottawa show does not have anything new to show us. Next year, I don't think we'll go - especially if we go to the other two shows.

Papi updated the contact information for our boat's (m.v. Sea Loons) Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSIs). This is a system (GPS locator) connected to our VHF (marine radio) that can be activated in case of distress / emergency. 

We've been researching mobile cell phones and data plans - one plan that looks interesting is ROAM (staples), I  will be digging in a bit more into it to see if it would be a good fit for our "planned usage".  I am also continuing to refine and try new things on the Blog and its pages.

On the project side of the house, we've talked alot about what boat projects we want to do first.
Overall, February has been a gathering month. Information, gadgets, boat gear (old and new), maps, etc., most of it is spread out on tables (or under) in the basement.  We`re trying to figure out what to put where (Cockpit, cabin, under bed storage, engine compartment....). But also what we really need and what we can leave behind .  We are trying to maximize what storage space we have.  I am already agonizing on what cloths I will bring... something warm for those cool nights, something cute for those special outings, something for warm weather, for the sun, for the rain...

Tina & Papi

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" 

– Charles Schultz