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Ready to leave Demopolis AL, and head down river

What a crazy few days this has been! We got put back into the water last Friday and made our way to our designated slip at the Kingfisher Bay Marina. As we were going, we lost our VHF radio and GPS... humm, that is never a good thing. The cause: the house batteries - it's our fault, we didn't check them often enough and they were dry. (meaning dead).  We ordered 4 new 6V batteries Saturday and decided, what the heck... lets go for a little road trip while we wait for them to arrive. So yes, Sunday morning we were off to Louisiana for a little road trip. (it's been a bucket list item of mine for years!!!)

The batteries are accessed by removing the captains/drivers seat and storage locker... A very awkward spot to work

We got to New Orleans, Louisiana (aka: NOLA) late afternoon, but we still had time to explore and walk around the French Quarter. Monday we explored NOLA by car,Tuesday we drove to Lafayette, and Wednesday we explored a bit more before heading back to Demopolis and Sea Loons.  (I will do a separate blog on those visits - we did so much in a short period of time)





French Quarter / Nola

Mardi Gras World:


Today, Thursday, Papi went and picked up the batteries and installed them. While he was working on them, fellow boaters came over and introduced themselves and let us know that they (and another boat) were leaving first light tomorrow morning. So we scrambled to do our last minutes preparations. Groceries, laundry, pump out, fill water tank, return car rental, gas boat by jerry cans... we got it all done!

Tomorrow, exactly one week after we were put back in the water, we will be leaving with two other buddy boats. (A day earlier than we had planned) We are ready and are looking forward to seeing new places and what new discoveries we'll make.

Tina & Papi

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" 

– Charles Schultz