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Friends, fireworks, false starts and dinghy rides

When we returned to the boat, we were pleasantly surprised that it was back in the water and that the work to address the transom leak and power steering hose had been done.  We did our last bit of running around with our daughter, had a pleasant short boat ride with friends, and where all ready for our departure the next day.
A special thank you to Marie-Pier who drove down from Laval to spend the day with us and see us off. She took the "official" picture of us.

We are part of the Great Loop 2018 Fleet

Photo taken by Gyspe C
July 1st, it's been our planned departure date from the beginning, and we were excited that we managed to actually leave the gas dock at 1:40 after filling up our gas tanks and emptying the black tank.  Our first stop was Nobles Bay, there we tried out our new anchor and anchor roller system.  In 15 feet of water, it worked like a charm!  Next stop was to meet up with our friends on "Gypse C" at Cow Island. We deployed our anchor again (because it was really windy) and rafted up with them.  More friends dinghied over from Passion II to join us on Gyspe C and we took advantage of the fact and finally did our un-naming and re-naming ceremony for Sea Loons (Thank you Steve and Sylvie).  We were not planning on doing it then, and only had vodka on board, we hope the gods of the seas enjoyed it!

Every year, at Cow Island, they have fireworks on Canada Day, and this year was no exception.  It's always a special treat to see fireworks from the water. It was a great evening.

This morning, we woke up to tangles anchor lines. During the night, our boats did a couple of 360 degree turns. Before we attempted to untangle the lines, Papi decided to grab his snorkel gear and check out the lines in the water (just to make sure the chains where not involved too).  We untangled the boats with no problems by unattaching our anchor line from the anchor locker (we have no windlass) and passing it to Jacques on Gyspe C, by passing it around a couple times around his anchor line (opposite to how they were in the water) both anchor lines were soon free. And, Yes! we absolutely remembered to tie off the anchor line in the anchor locker again.

Note to self: Don't anchor in 35 feet water too often! The weight of the anchor, chain and rope, even with the anchor roller is more than I could have lifted.  Papi managed to do it, but he was quite winded/tired at the end.  He's thinking we should look into a windlass now...

When we took out the snorkel gear, which is stored in a container in the engine compartment, we noticed quite a bit of water again... After the anchor issue was sorted out, Papi took his flashlight and examined /checked where the water was coming from.  It's coming from the exact same spots as before, except, this time it is a steady drip. To say we are upset, mad, disappointed, and more would be an understatement. So off to our marina we went...

July 2nd is a stat holiday this year, so no mechanics are here and neither are the owners or office manager. We were glad to see they haven't given our dock slip to someone else yet, as here we are again.  Back to square one.
Square One
We had a chance to talk to the owner's son today (he is stepping in for his father while he is dealing with health issues). I don't think he was surprised to hear & see that we are very unhappy clients/customers right now. He has promised that first thing tomorrow, our boat will be looked at.

On the plus side, we went to the store by dinghy once we were back at the marina. Ice cream sandwich, a 6 pack of beer and a case of 7 UP... and a wet return to the boat. We're taking this as practice for when we are further along in our trip and need to dinghy for groceries. We need the practice, everything got splashed on, on our way back.

Papi at the commands of "the dinghy"
My turn to take command!

We had a plan A, a plan B, a plan etc... Well, we have now revised all our plans and what our next steps will be depending on what the mechanics say tomorrow. This is just another set back - not a show stopper.

Tina & Papi

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" 

– Charles Schultz