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We are back on the Loop!

July 14

Proudly showing our colors
We are currently at Upper Brewers, Locks 43-44, and have decided to spend another night here to relax a bit and unwind.  This last week has been  "high and low in emotions! Just to do a quick recap for those who don't follow us on our Migrating Loons Facebook page : .  

Day One - the clock has restarted!
As mentioned in my last blog entry, they found where the water leak was coming from: the Power Steering shaft O Rings and the Bearings needed to be replaced. To replace those parts, as you can probably guess, another haul out was required once they received the parts.  We were very fortunate that the guys at the marina were able to order and get the parts on Friday. We were hauled out on Monday and the mechanics were able to do their magic and get us back in the water Tuesday afternoon. Before releasing us from the slings, they did one last check to ensure that no water was coming in - none was seen!  So off to our slip we went to start our pre-departure cleaning spree and chores!  We decided to spend one last night at our dock and head out by noon the next day. Our new Official Departure Date: 11 July 2018.   

The fear that we still have a water leak is slowly starting to diminish. When we got back to our slip, we (and I mean Papi) decided to clean the bilge area, as it had gotten a bit grungy with the mechanical work and water problem. Spray Nine, a scrub brush, water hose and the shop vac were required for that task. Once all done and two trips to empty the shop vac we were happy that we can now see and identify any new problem in the bilge.  As we were putting everything back together (the rear bench & cushion, floor panels...) one of the mechanics came over to see if everything was good, we didn't think anything of it at first as we thought he was going to another boat on the docks, but when he left without checking anyone else, we realized he must have seen Papi empty the shop vac and thought "OMG they still have a leak problem..." he must have been as relieved as us that the problem has been solved! (Doing "Shop Vac Runs" as we were calling them, was a daily thing prior to fixing the leak.)

The Kindness of others - and accepting assistance

I hesitate to use the word "stranded" but most will understand what we mean. While we were stranded at the marina, waiting for parts and the work to be done, we had no vehicle to use as we left ours at home. Our fellow boaters and friends at the marina are Outstanding! We were able to go run errands and do groceries a couple times with the generosity and kindness of friends.We are not in the habit of asking for help, expecting a freebie or even accepting help when it's offered. We tend to identify the problem and try to find a solution and "fix" whatever without bothering others. (Years in the military trained us that way. 😉 ) We were a bit uncomfortable accepting the use of someone else's car and were humbled by their trust and generosity.  We fully intend to "Pay it forward" when we have the opportunity to do so.

New Start!

We've reset the computer on our navigation system and will start keeping stats as of 11 July.  As we have "Topped up, pumped out and cast off" for the second time.  I don't think it has really sunk in yet that we are on our way and that we are not turning around at some point.  We are in familiar waters and we are meeting up with friends at the usual places... This is great for getting familiar with the boat once again. I think that it will sink in once we are past Kingston and are out of the Rideau Canal. 
Leaving our slip
Leaving the marina for the last time until next year!

Where have we been and where are we now?

On day "One" we didn't go very far.  A Colonel By Island mooring (Parks Canada) was our destination. We were glad to see that friends of ours were there too and we got to spend some time with them (Marie-Douce & Steve).  We must have checked the bilge area at least five times that day. First thing in the morning - after spending the night fully loaded at the dock, it would have leaked if not fixed. We checked multiple times during the day and right before bed time.  It was dry every single time!
A common sight at Colonel By Island - friends rafted up!
On day "Two" we stopped at Davies, Lock 38, were we met the crew of "Junior", Marcel and Annie.  We had to laugh when we realized that we have quite a few boating friends in common - it's amazing we had never met before. Days "Three and Four" we are staying at Upper Brewers, Locks 43-44. We are taking a breather day to rest and let things sink in.
Approaching the "swing bridge" operated by Parks Canada
Since we've left, we've covered the following locks: Narrows lock 35, Newboro lock 36, Chaffeys lock 37, Davis lock 38 & Jones Falls locks 39-42.
At Newboro Lock
Rideau Canal
Rideau Canal
Another narrow pass along the Rideau Canal


We've officially met our first "Loopers" today. Jim and Allie on M.V. Meraki are the very first that we've had the opportunity to meet, say "Hi" and exchange boat cards. They are heading towards Kingston today. We then had the pleasure to meet Gold Loopers John and Laurie on M.V. Trilogy. They are doing the Kingston-Ottawa-Montreal triangle route before heading to the Trent. We are only on day "Four", and we are looking forward to meeting other Loopers and to having our first "Dock Tales"
Nap time! 😉

Tina & Papi

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" 

– Charles Schultz


  1. Great to see that you are on your way! Cheers. John & Suan-Eagle Heart

    1. Did you start you second loop yet? If so, safe travels.


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