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Tennessee River

The inland rivers are getting better and better.

Ginger Bay anchorage

We took the canal that connects Barkley Lake to Kentucky Lake and we are now technically on the Tennessee River. What a nice river/lake system.  We are really enjoying our time here. The people we have meet lately at the marinas have been so nice and welcoming, and have, what we've been told is the southern accent and drawl! Oh my, and apparently it is going to get more pronounced as we move along... I think we'll be needing a translator, y'all!

Our stops along the Tennessee River, to date have been: Ginger Bay, Ky; Paris Landing Marina; Pebble Isle Marina near New Johnsonville TN; Cuba Landing, near Waverly, TN; Clifton Marina, TN; and the Wolf Island anchorage.

Exploring by dinghy - Ginger Bay

Someone tell me where these came from - Ginger Bay

To create Kentucky Lake, they flooded many communities, here is an old barn.

Fall colors are starting

At Cuba Landing Marina

Some of the new houses being built along the river

At Clifton Marina
Humm, historic sidewalks...

Clifton scenic lookout

Courtesy pickup truck...

... with a flat tire, but the compressor was there! LOL

Wolf Island anchorage sunset

Mornings are getting cool and foggy

Some nice houses around here.

We are starting to see some trees change colors, and the nights are getting much cooler. It's time to start accelerating our southern descent and see what the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway (Ten-Tom) has to for us.

Tina & Papi

"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" 

– Charles Schultz